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Our Solutions

We serve as a Qualified Intermediary for section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange transactions - We also structure, implement, and manage customized Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) focused on increasing profitability and maximizing cash flow and financial returns.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized and smaller businesses, as well as individuals.

For over 30 years, we have used our best practices strategies to structure real estate and asset transactions that overcome many of the common difficulties and pitfalls encountered with these types of transactions.

In many cases, our solutions can also provide additional and unexpected advantages.

Areas of Practice

Like-kind Exchanges

For over 30 years, we have provided our clients with a secure exchange process, acting as the Qualified Intermediary for Like-Kind Exchanges.

If you have real estate, Like-Kind exchanges may be of benefit to you, as they allow for the deferral of income taxes payable on real property sales.

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Reverse Like-Kind Exchanges

Having the flexibility to manage the timing of real estate purchases and sales can be a valuable strategic tool.

We have a well-developed specialty with Reverse Exchanges - this is where there is an advantage to acquiring new (replacement) real estate prior to the sale of old (relinquished) real estate property.

Whether the need is for a longer exchange period of over 180 days or a standard 180-day safe-harbor transaction, we can accommodate your needs.

General Business Strategy &
Tax Management

Tax law changes and revised accounting and reporting requirements have created new challenges... however, there are also new opportunities. Our SPE strategies may allow us to capitalize on some of these opportunities.

For instance, using a fully independent SPE to segregate real estate assets may provide increased tax deductions, better cash flow, improved financial reporting, as well as other additional benefits.

The ability to customize SPE solutions allows our clients a valuable degree of flexibility in achieving their goals, including possible benefits to affiliated entities.

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The SPE Strategy Can Be Useful in a Variety of Ways for M&A Transactions

For example, asset purchase transactions, thanks (in part) to tax law changes, have become more attractive - however, one new unfortunate byproduct of the typical asset purchase is that the interest associated with the debt used to purchase assets may no longer be fully tax deductible. A properly structured independent SPE may be able to significantly offset the loss of the interest deduction - other benefits may also apply.

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Our services should be considered anytime a real estate or asset transaction is planned.

The SPE strategy can, many times, assist with risk management objectives. Simply having the ability to segregate assets into an SPE may have risk management benefits.

Additionally, there may be times when the creation of a separate captive insurance company may be of benefit to a client - Congress Management Group LLC, a captive insurance company management firm and a Congress Asset Exchange affiliate, can assist in this regard.

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"John’s company provides a full range of like-kind exchange intermediary services. He is highly skilled, responsive and personable. He and Congress specialize in complex structures that the larger intermediaries shy away from. I have never received less than excellent results (and rave reviews) when I’ve recommended Congress”


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“I am proud to have a long standing working relationship with John Maggi and his firm. Our relationship has spanned some 14+ years and has been a most positive experience built upon mutual respect and integrity. John is a seasoned CPA and innovator in the 1031 Like-Kind Exchange industry. John is an individual in whom one can place a great deal of trust. I am extremely comfortable introducing bank clients, intermediaries and centers of influence to Congress Asset Exchange and John Maggi. I look forward to my next transaction with John.”


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“I first met John Maggi through a mutual client several years ago and continue to be impressed by the qualified intermediary services provided by John and Congress. John's knowledge, skill and experience enables Congress to facilitate a full range of like-kind exchange transactions, including sophisticated transactions typically not offered by other intermediaries. Our firm's clients who have chosen to work with John have always given us excellent feedback about the experience, including how responsive John is, and often become repeat customers of Congress Asset Exchange.”

— Danielle Ridgely, Esq., Partner and Practice Leader of Tax Controversies and Transactional Tax Planning at Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP

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