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Experience. Confidence. Independence.

As the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Unisys Corporation, John Maggi saw the need for independent entities to help companies and individuals better address financial and operational needs. Originally focused on tax-advantaged transactions for clients of a few major U.S. Banks, Congress Asset Exchange's predecessor company, Congress Exchange, established itself as an innovator for 1031 exchange transactions.

Today, Congress Asset Exchange has expanded the breadth of its offerings to include a variety of Special Purpose Entity services, providing clients with expanded strategies and purpose for both large and small companies and individuals.

Congress Asset Exchange has handled individual transactions over $200 Million as well as those for $100,000. We value ongoing relationships with our clients and servicing their needs now and into the future. Indeed, many of our transactions have lives of many years.

We also have strategic relationships with financial institutions, lenders, and other financial, legal, accounting, and real estate professionals - this allows us to present truly unique strategies and opportunities to our clients serving a variety of needs - including their financial, tax, operational, and risk management objectives.

All of our SPEs are properly structured, confidential, independent, and have low overhead requirements to deliver maximum value to our clients. We also coordinate with all necessary client resources and professionals to deliver a seamless solution to the client.


John has been actively involved with the creation, ownership, and management of Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) for a wide variety of clients and uses, including real estate and asset structuring/financing, risk management, and 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges since 1989.

With an extensive corporate and entrepreneurial background, he was formerly the Founder and CEO of Gotham Companies/Safe Technologies, LLC, a multi-million-dollar information systems and financial services company. He has held several senior-level financial, strategic, and business development positions with Unisys/Sperry Corporation, a major provider of commercial and government information systems, which, at the time of his tenure there, was a Fortune 50 company. He also was Vice President of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Real Estate for DecisionOne Corporation, the then world's largest third-party provider of maintenance and repair services for information systems. John started his professional career with Price Waterhouse in New York in the tax and auditing divisions - his primary clients were IBM and the New York Shipping Association.

He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in New York State and holds a B.S. in Accounting & Economics and an MBA in Finance from Long Island University - C.W. Post with post-graduate studies at New York University.

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